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Atomy company was founded in 2009 in South Korea by Mr. Han-Gill Park. In a short time, the company became a true phenomenon, reaching 12th position in the Global Direct Sales Ranking.

With a simple free registration you can be part of our company and start building a different future today.

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the best opportunity of 2024

Transform your life with Atomy Malaysia

Check out 3 benefits of starting today at one of the largest Direct Sales companies in the world.

Free registration:

That's right, you can get started on Atomy Malaysia 100% free.

Build your team:

Invite your friends to join your team (also for free). Your team will be able to expand across the world.

Receive incredible commissions:

Whenever a member of your team consumes a product you will receive points and these points convert into commissions for you.

Our products

Transform your routine with Atomy's absolute quality products:

We are excited to invite you to discover our incredible product lines.

In the following video you can see a little about how Atomy products can be part of your routine.

Watch the video now to explore what makes Atomy unique and how our products can make a difference on your journey to a more convenient, healthier lifestyle.

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How it works:

There are 3 simple steps to get great results at Atomy


The first step is to register, it is free. With this you will now have access to the products and all the benefits of the company Atomy.


Although registration is free, it is essential to consume some products so you can discover and confirm the immense quality they have.

To recommend:

By proving the quality of the products, you can invite your friends to do exactly the same. This way your team will grow more and more.


By carrying out these 3 simple steps you will inevitably start receiving your first commissions and be able to grow in our Career Plan.

atomy Career Plan

Build a successful team and grow in the best Career Plan today.

Invite your friends to learn about Atomy's products and as consumption within your team grows, you will grow in our Career Plan. Atomy has prepared an incredible recognition for you.

Below you will see the 7 qualification levels that you will have access to when working at our company.

sales master

Sales Master

Average earnings of $2,000/month

diamond master

Diamond Master

Average earnings of $4,000/month

sharon rose master

Sharon Rose Master

Average earnings of $10,000/month

star master

Star Master

Average earnings of $20,000/month

royal master

Royal Master

Average earnings of $30,000/month

crown master

Crown Master

Average earnings of $40,000/month

Imperial Master

Imperial Master

The top of our Career Plan.

Average earnings over $50,000/month

sales master

Sales Master

Média de ganhos mensal: R$10.000,00

diamond master

Diamond Master

Média de ganhos mensal: R$20.000,00

sharon rose master

Sharon Rose

Média de ganhos mensal: R$50.000,00

star master

Star Master

Média de ganhos mensal: R$100.000,00

royal master

Royal Master

Média de ganhos mensal: R$150.000,00

crown master

Crown Master

Média de ganhos mensal: R$200.000,00

Imperial Master

Imperial Master

The top of our Career Plan.

Average earnings over $50,000/month


The time has come for you to really understand how our business works. In this short and summarized presentation, the great leader Monique Levy objectively explains how the Atomy Opportunity works.

meet our founder:

Check out the videos below to learn a little more about our founder and his vision for the company Atomy.

Check out the videos below to learn a little more about our founder and his vision for the company Atomy.



Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers asked by our members.

If you have any questions that have not been answered on our website, you can contact us using the button below.

Yes, registration at Atomy is free and you can start working even without placing your first order.

However, it is important to point out that for you to be able to accumulate points and receive your commissions you need to have at least 10,000 personal points (this means an average purchase of 25 dollars).

At Atomy there is no monthly activation. The company is very fair to its members and does not force people to buy products every month.

The rules that the company has are as follows:

  • When registering, you will have 6 months to place an order in your store;
  • After your first order, you must make at least 1 purchase within a maximum period of 12 months.
The order can be for any amount.

Yes, when you join our team you will have access to a training platform and there you can create your website simply with just 2 clicks. 

No, even if you have no experience you can achieve great results in our company.

The business is very simple, you must consume the products to find out and check the quality and only if you really like them, should you recommend them to your friends. That simple.

This will basically depend on your commitment and dedication to the business. 

Our goal will be to help you grow more and more in our Career Plan in search of the Imperial Master level.

For sure. We will be by your side to support you and you will also be part of our Whatsapp group to receive all the information and news about our business.

Indesistiveis Atomy

About Atomy:

Founded in 2009, Atomy is a network marketing company that conducts direct sales in more than 50 different countries, including South Korea. Atomy is growing exponentially by implementing a consumer-driven strategy that adheres to the principles of Absolute Quality and Absolute Price established by our founder, President Han-Gill Park.

With a progressive goal of consumer satisfaction, Atomy also consolidates the foundation of sustainable growth by focusing on three main objectives: focusing on its principles, adhering to the values of growing together, and maintaining a corporate culture of sharing. In 2022, Atomy's annual revenue was 2 billion dollars and our global members reached 15 million.

Atomy implements a consumer-oriented network marketing strategy. We select high-quality products at the most affordable prices and sell them through a distribution channel capable of competing with shopping malls, discount stores, telemarketing networks and online shopping. In other words, we find products that are more competitive in quality and price than similar products distributed through other channels. Through this strategy, we commit to achieving our ultimate goal of “achieving success that exceeds consumer satisfaction.”

Our founder:

han gill park

Han-Gill Park was introduced to the world of Network Marketing in his early thirties during a business trip to Australia. A system that encourages people to tell their friends and family about the products they are using and recommend and have the opportunity to be paid for it.

This business system enchanted Park, as it helps to establish a consumer base and allows profits from the entire operation to be divided in a meritocratic manner among all members.

So, after returning to Korea, he joined a Network Marketing company as a salesman. At this stage he reached the highest level of this company, but felt that it truly did not sell high quality products nor did it have affordable prices.

He began a search to find a company that had these conditions (high quality products and affordable prices) but was unable to find one. That's how the desire arose that, if there wasn't an ideal company, he would create it. This is how Atomy was born.


The beginning of Atomy:

It all started in a dilapidated roast duck restaurant located in the city of Iksan in the southern province of Jeolla. In those days, Park owned a used car that was about to stop working at any moment, and with that car I went to the restaurant to explain my idea of Atomy to 17 or 18 people who were going through very difficult times. In retrospect, this situation was quite interesting, but this was the reality of Atomy's beginnings.

No one wanted to invest in a newly created network marketing company, and it was very difficult to recruit salespeople. At this dilapidated restaurant, Park says he told the people present that one day they could live in the best houses available in Iksan. He also told them that if they reached the rank of Imperial Master, he would give them one billion won (Korean currency) in cash. Most of them probably thought he was just a dreamer. However, the initial members held on to his words with hope. Today, some of them have already reached the rank of Imperial Master and, as promised, received one billion won.

Atomy – a company that “appreciates the spirit”

People must be considered the most valuable. Atomy follows its principles of Absolute Quality at Absolute Price, with the aim of managing “consumer success”. We base our foundation on the fact that human beings are the center of God's creation and, as such, are not a means to an end. The well-being of all human beings is Atomy's ultimate goal; therefore, we will continue to be a company that loves all people, focusing our efforts on helping our members achieve success. As a result, Atomy will be a company that will grow and mature alongside our society.

If you want to be part of this global phenomenon click on the link below and talk to us!

Indesistiveis Atomy