Register with Atomy in Canada

Congratulations on your decision!

You can register for free at Atomy by clicking on the link below. This link is exclusive for registering with Atomy in Canada. If you are from another region, please change the country in the top menu.

Step by step

Although registering with Atomy is a simple procedure, we have added this step-by-step guide teaching you how to register correctly.

So click the button below to register and if you have any questions, watch our auxiliary video.


A company made for you!

  • The first step to register is to click the button below;
  • Then select register as a consumer:
  • Accept all terms;
  • The new member must provide the requested data so that Atomy can get to know you;
  • Proceed to complete your registration.

When finished, you will become an Atomy member and have access to all our incredible products.  



Congratulations on your decision to register with Atomy. I'm sure this will be an excellent decision in your life. For two reasons:

The first is that you will now have access to the best products on our market. Atomy values excellence in its products and guarantees the best price for products of such high quality.

The second reason is that you also have the possibility of recommending Atomy to your friends and building a very successful business in our company. 

At Atomy you only win! 

then you won't give up